Hear the stories you never knew.

Record today, share forever. Audiobiography captures the life stories of those you love. It's easier than writing, beautifully personal, and guaranteed with no ongoing fees.

No app required. Record and listen on any device.

Grow closer to someone you love as their life story becomes a podcast.

Hearing someone's story in their own voice brings you closer while preserving their history for future generations.

  • We ask awesome questions about their life, they simply tap record and start talking
  • Every answer becomes an instant episode
  • Family and friends subscribe for free
  • Get notified with each new episode to stay caught up
  • They work at their own pace, or answer our weekly question
  • Every answer is automatically transcribed
  • Subscribers can purchase a hardback book of transcriptions along with photos and QR codes to listen as you go
  • No app to install, this works on any device or computer
  • The podcast can be made private for a select audience, or public, allowing anyone to listen without requesting permission
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We ask the questions you never have.

Who was your first crush? How did you learn to drive? How would you describe your perfect day as a child?

  • 100 thoughtful questions power a journey down memory lane
  • Unlimited audio recording and photos with every question
  • Self-paced with no expiration date
  • Create new questions on your own
  • No writing, just talk to answer
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Grow closer to someone you love.

Hearing someone's story in their own voice brings you closer while preserving their history for future generations. Audiobiography is the most authentic, organized, affordable, and easiest way to do it.
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It's your mom, dad, grandma or grandpa, like never before.

Hearing someone's life story in their own voice brings you closer together and connects generations.
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  • Easy
  • Authentic
  • Unlimited

Our promise

You will get to know your loved ones more deeply and authentically, and connect their lives to future generations like never before.
We ask the questions you never have, helping you learn things you never knew.
Share on any device, anywhere in the world via text, email, and social media.
Grow closer to someone you already love and help future generations grow closer too.

100% love it guarantee

If Audiobiography doesn't exceed your expectations, we'll refund you no questions asked.
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"Recording together became a bonding moment and I got to know my sister from her point of view."
Hazel B.
Is doing this with her sister
“Beautiful interface. I appreciate the option to make multiple voice memos with titles on the same prompt because grandma likes to go on tangents. :)”
Is doing this with her grandmother
“Such a clever and personal way to document and record personal history.”
Bought this for herself
  • Auto-transcribed
  • Printed in hardback
  • Includes pics and QR codes for listening

About our Interactive Storybook

You can share and play the podcast for free forever, and as a bonus, anyone subscribed to the story can purchase a hardback Interactive Storybook at any time. Imagine cracking the cover of grandma's story, reading her words, seeing pictures of her life, and.... listening to the narration in her very own voice. This personal touch is the magic of Audiobiography. This is how we connect generations.
Books are 6x9 hardbound
These are high quality builds by a US publisher on archival quality paper, and made to last for generations.
Questions appear at the top, along with a QR code
Read the story, or scan the QR code to listen to the narration in their own voice.
Attach pictures to any question
Pictures print at the end of the transcription, giving even more life to the storytelling experience.

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