Interactive Storybook

Your Audiobiography can be transcribed into a beautiful hardback book that links back to first person narration. Learn more below. Purchase from directly inside the Audiobiography itself for only $70.
Any quantity, any time
  • Editable before printing
  • QR codes link to audio
  • Includes all pictures
  • The perfect gift
  • Auto-transcribed
  • Printed in hardback
  • Includes pics and QR codes for listening

About our Interactive Storybook

You can share and play the podcast (Audiobiography) for free forever, and as a bonus, anyone subscribed to the story can purchase a hardback Interactive Storybook at any time. Imagine cracking the cover of grandma's story, reading her words, seeing pictures of her life, and.... listening to the narration in her very own voice. This personal touch is the magic of Audiobiography. This is how we connect generations.
Books are 6x9 hardbound
These are high quality builds by a US publisher on archival quality paper, and made to last for generations.
Questions appear at the top, along with a QR code
Read the story, or scan the QR code to listen to the narration in their own voice.
Attach pictures to any question
Pictures print at the end of the transcription, giving even more life to the storytelling experience.

How to purchase an Interactive Storybook and FAQs

The Interactive Storybook compliments Audiobiography as a physical interactive heirloom, purchased from directly inside your Audiobiography account.

  • From inside any Audiobiography story, click the gear top right, and select "Order Storybook"
  • The book costs $70.
  • If you're only subscribed to the Audiobiography, you can purchase the Interactive Storybook, but you cannot edit the transcriptions.
  • The Audiobiography owner can edit the transcriptions prior to printing.
  • Copies can be purchased any time, and in any quantity.
Contact us if you'd like to learn more before purchasing

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